1 Apr 2019


How to be a Corporate Emcee:

How to be a Corporate Emcee

A corporate event is one of the most lavish occasions a business can be organized. Most of the influential entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians and other key people gather to celebrate a milestone of an institution. It is one way of getting to meet new investors, business partners and signing new business contracts that will strengthen the stability of a business further. With such importance, this what makes a corporate event emcee a tough job because you have to be entertaining at the same time you have to maintain your composure.

What makes a corporate emcee different from a regular event emcee?

[bctt tweet=”A regular event emcee is party host that you usually encounter in common occasions such as debut, birthdays, weddings, Christmas parties etc. The approach is light and witty in which you can throw jokes and tell funny anecdotes to your audience in relation to the event.” username=”CMJent”]

On the other hand, a corporate emcee is a party host that has to maintain their composure, has to stick with the program because it follows a schedule and ALWAYS has to maintain their composure when facing the people. The approach can be light however, you always have to be careful with your words because one of the audiences could be an influential person that might get offended by what you might say.

What to do if you were to host a corporate event?

No matter how many times you have been on the stage to host an event, time and again you will feel less confident. New people, new place… everything is new in your sight and this would make you think “What should I say?” “What should I do?” “Did I said it right?”

To avoid getting anxious, here are some of the useful mc tips and tricks.

1 – Research about the event and the organization.

It’s best to do your homework and learn about the event, the company, the people behind it and if possible, the people who will attend the event.

2 – Prepare your event script.

The secret to a successful show is a well-prepared script. This will save you from the embarrassment every time you say a word about the event you are hosting. Prior to the event, you should have at least study your prepared script so that you won’t get lost in the middle of the program and avoid dead air. To get an idea of how you should draft your script, it should be in this order:

  1. Introduction
  2. Expression of Gratitude (to event planners, production crew, the audience on behalf of the company who hire you as their corporate emcee.)

III. Tell them who you are (Mention your role in the event summed up in a catchphrase and don’t forget                    to express your happiness to be part of the event and to meet the people in the event)

  1. From monologues, switch to chat by asking your audience with simple questions to engage them
  2. Share the key information of the event and why people were invited to take part.
  3. Explain why this event is special and worth remembering… how this event would have an impact on the lives of the guest.

3 – Practice great opening lines for emcee and the closing lines, too.

You can base your opening lines on the slogan or the mission-vision of the company. This will give the audience an impression that the company warmly invite them. This is important because the company hires you not only to host their program but to represent them.

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