18 Mar 2016


How to pick Bridemaids Dresses

How to pick Bridesmaids dresses

So your wedding day is set, your wedding party has been chosen and you know where you will have the ceremony and reception. Next up is finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses to compliment not only your wedding gown, but the theme of your wedding. By now, you will have the date set for the wedding so you will know what kind of material your bridesmaid dresses should be made of, but how do you find the best dresses for you? We have compiled a helpful list.

Think About Your Theme and Colors

If you have not decided on colors yet, a book called a ‘swatch book’ is a good place to start. Bridal shops offer these and display different materials and colors to choose from. This will help you visualize the color a little bit better and you will be able to choose which one will best suit your theme and the color scheme you have in mind for your wedding.

Consider Materials

How to pick Bridesmaids dresses, There is nothing worse than wearing a dress that is made of heavy materials in the middle of the summer. For summer weddings, consider more light, airy fabrics such as chiffon and in the winter, silk or satin is more suitable. If you are unsure about what kind of materials are best suited for your wedding, a bridal shop employee will be able to suggest ones for you.

Body Size and Dresses

Some dresses do not look great on every body type, nor do some women feel comfortable in some kind of dresses. Get your bridesmaids opinions on cut and style of the dress, but do not overwhelm yourself. Many brides choose to get dresses that their bridesmaids are most comfortable in and are available in the color scheme of the wedding. That way, everyone is at their happiest and most comfortable on your wedding day. How to pick Bridesmaids dresses