Lawrence E. Kerr

My name is Lawrence E. Kerr. You may be curious what the E stands for. The answer depends on who you ask, but on my birth certificate, it’s Earle. I am a two-time award-winning photographer and lover of funky socks based out of Brampton, Ontario. When I am not in the studio shooting headshots or family portraits, on location for an event or a wedding creating images my clients will fall in love with or conducting branding consultations you can find me in the gym or if the weather is nice on my bicycle.

Polish your image with a professional picture and get noticed.  Whether it’s for your social media profile, website, resume or portfolio we will create an image you will love and be love

Neddy Nyce

I am not going to talk about me, instead I’m going to talk about what a great company we have here and how we make your special day fantastic. I could start by telling you that I have been in this industry for many many years…lol. I could tell you that I’m the best wedding photographer in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga or that I do destination weddings. I would also tell you that our prices are made to fit your budget with special extras but like I said I’m going to tell you how CMJ Entertainment and I can help your corporate event one of a kind.
I don’t mind answering the hard or easy questions like: what questions to ask wedding photographers or what to look for in a contract. The way I get more bookings is by making sure you and your family, guest have a great experience with me. A great review is better than any advertising I could do because a friend will tell a friend. I treat my bride or groom like they are super stars because for that day you are. So from the church to the banquet hall you will see me capturing the special moments that we last forever on your house walls.
Please take the time to fill out the contact page and lets sit and make magic!