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The pride Nick and Carmela possess for Andrew’s stems from growing up on Eglinton Avenue fuelling their passion for their family owned and operated business. They had the opportunity to observe the industry transform, as they became an integral part of a treasured company. A brother-sister team where Carmela assures product and production while Nick ensures marketing and sales. In order for Andrew’s to perform at its highest level both Nick and Carmela depend on each other’s abilities yet they can excel independently.

Since 1969 Andrew’s Formals has followed a business philosophy built on integrity, determination, and loyalty to the customer. Through hard work and perseverance Andrew’s Formals has become one of the leading formal wear retailers in Toronto. Andrew’s Formals is based on traditional guidelines with a modern twist in order to provide classic formal wear looks as well as clothing to fit current trends for the new generations of men who are entrenching formal wear as a part of their everyday wardrobe. Although we encourage traditional formal wear attire we like to find unique ways to make our garments stand out and we encourage this type of variation. Our business provides formal wear rentals, sales, as well as custom tuxedos and formal wear. We are a dual-operation, which also includes Anthony’s Shoes which is our retail store consisting of formal wear as well as casual and dress shoes.

Our reputation is built on and solidified by offering an extraordinary level of personal service to our valued customers. We consistently exceed the expectations of our customer by providing an unparalleled shopping experience. Through our product knowledge, service, and willingness to go above and beyond, we will create an atmosphere of excellence that will excite our customer and encourage repeat business and referrals.

For a brother and sister to work together every day takes a lot of patience for many, but the connection they have shines on those visiting the shop making customers feel like family. Devoted to their jobs, Nick and Carmela infuse that same passion and devotion onto their staff to carry on the traditions of Andrew’s Formals.



To receive your special offer use Code: CMJ Numbers 6:24