CMJ Entertainment Event consultancy is fast becoming one of Toronto’s most versatile premier events consultancies run by an experienced team of event managers. Over the past years we have established ourselves as a reliable and reputable organization based in the heart of Toronto, with large events now under our belt, and with clients all over Toronto.

Our wide spectrum of events and other parties we organize and manage range from corporate and special events to sophisticated cocktail soirees, dinner parties and corporate theatre outings.

We are able to take care of all types of events and shows, as you might expect have fantastic relations with various venues, from cocktail bars to hotels and even stately homes. Attending to the needs of our clients is our first concern and means that you will be able to sit back and relax whilst we ensure that your event will be everything you had envisioned it to be.

Why Choose CMJ Entertainment Toronto?

  • Over 100 events under our belt. We know what we’re talking about
  • We have wonderful relationships with the hottest venues in town, we саn get you and your company the best possible deals.
  • We have unique corporate and special events planning experience

We can help you to manage all types of events and shows which includes the following:

 Networking Events

We’re all aware how much business can be generated by attending a professionally organized networking event. To be successful, however, networking events need to be much more than a get-together.

Let up bring a new dimension to your networking programme perhaps a wine tasting or a tour of a local business with a guest speaker. Good organization is critical to the success of any networking event and we have more experience than most in advising people to develop a programme of events that everyone will have highlighted in their diary.

Consultants at CMJ Entertainment Toronto will develop all your key plans and strategies for your team to action efficiently. If needed, we саn provide event management services to delivery your events in Toronto.

With extensive background in sustainability, The CMJ Entertainment саn help give your event or project the critical edge that will impress your clients’ and audience, positioning you as thoughtful, environmentally conscious and aware.

Corporate Events

Entertaining clients is fast becoming an integral component of many company directors’ budgets; so much so that corporate hospitality is now recognized as an important element of the marketing mix. Thank your clients for past business and encourage future business and allow our team to recommend the perfect, tailored solutions that meet your business criteria, whilst providing your clients with a corporate hospitality event with a difference.

Themed Events

If you’re planning a themed event, why not get up involved, and let us come up with that extra dimension, or sparkle. If its inspiration you